Portraits from Life and more

"Randy" is a formal portrait done from life in about 3 sittings or more 
and about 10 hours or more in total.
There are three ways in which you may commission me to do a portrait for you. Below where I show you children are my commissioned portraits from pictures and I  explained some of my requirements in order to do one for you. 
On the other hand if you were to require one like "Randy" above of course with your formal attire if you like and a pose that is most appealing I will create a life size painting from head and shoulder to head to waist to head to toe, it's all up to you. But I will walk you through it and offer suggestions, even background which of course would be extra, each element adds to the final work and the final price. 

The third way for me to paint a portrait (below)  is the most fun, most spontaneous and most spirited.
It takes place at my studio or your home, office or if you like outside. It's a one time thing, Colorful, painterly allowing the viewer to mix the brush strokes and color patterns together to make a whole. A whole person, a day in the life if you please. Each an heirloom!

"Rachel" sat patiently and eagerly for her portrait
and couldn't wait for it to be finished.  Mothers know if their children are
up for this type of sitting. They have to be happy about it.
It will show if they're not. I don't mind a bit trying 
the painting of your child from life I can garner 
great details to complete it from a picture if necessary.
Give it a try, just email me and we'll work out the process
please use "portrait" in your story line Thanks the artist

And Some from pictures

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