Commissioned Oil Portraits
This is a small sample of most recent portraits done
from pictures. I recently had begun to 
use pictures after exclusively painted only from life
for the past 20 years. Prior to that I had used
pictures so I have come full circle because my clients
desire that. In this fast pace world and with digital cameras
allowing a great example of feelings and details I can work with, it 
has become an exciting way to compose and recreate life providing
families with an heirloom creation. I am available to 
compose a portrait for you as well.

"Justin" 16 x 21
Private Collection

"Corey, The Windup"
oils 26 x 40"

"Mr. Desmond" oils 24 x 30"

 "Three Sisters" oils 18 x 24

"Sarah Marie" oils 16 x 20"

"Cannon" oils on linen
20 x 24"

Coco oils on canvas 16 x 16

Portraits from Life are coming up next

and may also be commissioned