The Boats of Boston, Gloucester and Martha's Vineyard

Hi Folks I am anxious to get out to paint on the harbor, today I am revisiting boats I've done en plein air and introducing you to the new studio winter work..."The Picton Castle Sails Boston"

"The Picton Castle Sails Boston" was conceived when I heard
the tall ships would be coming to Boston and better yet that
Spirit Cruise Ships provides a day of sail to view the 
parade of sail from aboard giving me an opportunity
to include the harborfront in my paintings as they were.
I am just finishing up a few more of this "in the studio
collection" until it's time to go out and paint en plein air. 
This paintingis included in the opening exhibition at the Northshore 

Presenting Plein Air Paintings Below

The Amastat is used as a training vessel and also as a party boat.  Here
when I painted this boat on location in Vineyard Haven Harbor
there were many people aboard about to set sail.
Sorry this painting was sold in 2017

"The Kalmarnykle" is a replica of a Danish ship from worlds ago. She 
is used as a training vessel and is docked here in Vineyard Haven. This was painted
in 2 consecutive day visits. If I could describe my exhuberance I would
but nothing compares to doing this and finishing it in 2 visits totaling 6 hours
Those of you knowing about plein air painting know that it is neccessary to
move on after a little while and come back to it, the sun has moved on
and has changed the whole picture until a visit again allows for completion.


This painting speaks volumns to me. I imagine the adventure, The triumps and challenges,
Here I am in the photo painting the "End of the Line" 20 x 24, a passerby who was enamored with
my work and hung around long enough for me to ask him to take this picture for me. I visited
2 days in a row to complete this painitng, since it was overcast I was able to work long hours
each visit. It is for sale.

The Shenendoah at home port in Vineyard Haven Massachusetts. This painting also 
done on location and is a private collection in Tisbury on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

"A Rare View of Edgartown" Rare because the snow doesn't last too long 
on salt water. It was melting while I worked on this painting in one session,
Very invigorating! Private Collection

The Edgartown Regatta 22 x 24 This was painted while the movement
was going on an exciting and fresh take in the inner harbor. 

Edgartown Harbor 20 x 24" done on location and is an award
winner, it is available

"Menemsha Docks" oils on linen, 20 x 24"
Done on location in early spring two visits, This is 
a view you can't paint in the middle of summer without
getting in someone's way. I lucked out on the 
weather and the amazing light.
It is for sale. Thank you

Gloucester Inner Harbor
oils on board 20 x 24
Emile  A. Gruppe Award
Artists collection

This Little Gem in Gloucester 12 x 16 was done on a day that
I was delivering to the Northshore Art Assn. another painting.
I have to look at the back of it to see the title
I'll get back to you on that.
I received an award for it and it is for sale

This painting was done in Gloucester Harbor in 2017 it is 18 x 24" 
title I have to get back to you on that, This was composed
in one sitting, I would like to get back to finish it, I just saw
last week that the boat is still there. So tune in.

Drydocked, Gloucester Harbor
second painting done in a day, a very hot day, isn't it funny
how we can picture what the day was like as if are
there. Any other artists have a similar feeling?
This is 14 x 18" and is for sale.

Winter Storage, Vineyard Haven oils on linen, 16 x 16" is available
This is the second of this collection you have seen done in the winter
that's because I had my atelier on the Vineyard for several years.
It is available

"The End of the Line for Two Friends" oils on board 24 x 14
Done on location in Gloucester Harbor and exhibited at the 
Northshore Art Assn. It is artist collection 

"Sirius the Tug" I love it when a subject stands still
I did this in Tisbury Harbor Yard just couldn't resist. It is 
for sale and it's a good size 

A quick sketch at Menemsha "The Harbor Reflections"
oils on linen 14 x 18 It is for sale

"My Sis" oils on canvas done on location at Gloucester Harbor
I did most of this in one day and had to go back to finish it. It is 
for sale and is 20 x 24" Thanks for checking in....

"The Drying of the Nets" I have recollection of the 
day here while I was painting at dinner time I could 
smell the seafood and hear the fun of the day. As
good as it sounded, I wouldn't have missed this experience
here. Painting is amazing and I"m glad I'm an artist, 
Thank You God!
It is for sale with memories and all!

Another of Mememsha paintings
"the Unicorn and Co." oils on linen 16 x 20"
It is available

"Dockside Whimsy" oils on canvas 16 x 20"
So much fun but I took alot of time to do this one,
It was winter and the although it doesn't look cold
it was so I did it in days and days
It is available Thank you

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