Seaside Village and Marine Paintings of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket

Edgartown Harbor, 20 x 24"my signature painting of 2012 which as of 2/23/2013
has not been seen in public only on this site  $4000.00

Early season in Menemsha
20 x 24" 

September Shadows
16 x 20"

Harbor and Roses oils on linen 16 x 20" 

"Ocean Views"
16 x 20" oils on linen

Sorry this one is one of my favorites and it is sold.

Martha's Roses is 16 x 20" 

One of Artist's personal favorites and is priced at $2500.00
"Harbor Garden" is 16 x 20"

Lovely Day 

"The Drying of the Nets" oils on linen 16 x 20"

"Little Lady" oils on linen 14 x 18"

"No Town like Edgartown" oils on linen  16 x 20"

Edgartown Blues is 16 x 20"

My display at my Salt Box Studio in Central New England

The Harbor Through the Garden

Nantucket Colors
oil on canvas
16 x 20"

Edgartown Aire
16 x 20"

Brick Row Nantucket
oils on linen, 16 x 20


Hydrangea on the
White Fence
16 x 20

Blush Roses and A Brick Walk
oils on Linen
done on location on a sunny day in Edgartown
16 x 20 for sale price of $1000.00 please contact the artist

What a great  view of Edgartown Harbor really giving you the feel
of the island, this is what I adore about it, this one is SOLD
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see more of the Vineyard

Entering Edgartown
When you enter Main Street and the Harbor is before you,
this is the scenery that you pass along the way.
16 x 20 oils on linen
NOW ONLY $500.00!

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  1. Nice paintings, I liked all of these. One day, when I'll be able to buy paintings, I'll find and buy one of your paintings.