I hope that you have been following my career as I have shown many
a new painting at the Northshore Art Assn., The Rockport Art
Assn., the Lyme Art Assn.,  The Charles Gallery and other venues
this season. I've been painting alot more which are still 
on the easel to be completed and commissions to complete and 
a few ready but I haven't recorded them yet. I seem to 
get more busy every season. Could be that I did alot of
landscape work in my yard this season too. 
The painting above is my latest for the Charles Gallery
in Gloucester and below that is a friends garden that blew me
away when I saw it in a certain light while visiting and convinced
my friend Linda and Lynn to join me in painting it so 
we had a painting party!!!
I will be following up with other exciting new paintings
soon. Thanks for checking in. Your artist Sharon

Fresh Snow 10 x 10" oils on gallery wrapped canvas
Soon to be showing at the Charles Gallery Main St
Gloucester $500.00

"Secret Garden" oils on canvas 20 x 24" is not for sale at this time
I'm holding out for exhibit for next season. Unless you truly
want it we can talk about it. sbahosh@hotmail.com



Time Stands Still

" Time Stands Still, The Lemuel Sawyer 1831 House"
oils on a 24 x 30" canvas
The location of this are is Packard Street in Lancaster Massachusetts
the oldest town in Worcester County est. 1653. The oldest house in Worcester
County is less than a mile from here on Neck Road. I stood out painting this scene
oh about 15 hours total. The only thing left for working in the studio was the road trying to make a simple big space interesting. So it was almost 100 % finished on location and that's the most challenging and most rewarding. It is on exhibition at Rockport Art Assn. MA


Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

Ready for exhibition are these two new works among the others that I am finishing

"The Oliver Hazard Perry Sails Boston"
oils on canvas   20 x 24"

This is one of the many vessels that I had the pleasure to see
up close and personal at the recent "Sail Boston 2017"
where about 50 tall ships and schooners sailed
by while I watched with my companions aboard the Spirit Cruise Ship
"The Odyssey" It was a grey day but I was inspired by 
the opportunity to put the harbor skyline as the 
backdrop of these magnificent and complicated ships.
Hope you will enjoy more of them as I go on to
complete the whole collection. Be patient though
it could take years with all the pictures I took.
I will also create combinations of sailing vessels
as I see fit to compose. Enjoy.

"The Europa Sails Boston"
oils on canvas 20 x 24"

From the Netherlands the Europa inspired me to create
it with the old and new buildings of Boston Harbor, 
The juxtaposition of the old and new ignites a
visual wonderment in my opinion, seeing old Boston
with the new and a ship built in the last century, so interesting!
And for me that's what I'm all about doing paintings that challenge
our imagination and appreciation of the past.
Hope you like it and look for the rest of my collection as I go along, Thank you


Fruitlands and Folly Cove and more New England landscape, streams and mountains and our coastline

Recently completed on location at a well known 
viewing spot on Prospect Hill
"Fruitlands" oils on canvas 18 x 24"
Just a scene that gives you a sensational appreciation 
for nature and for our world. That's what it is all about
can't help but paint it! Hope you can come see it in person 
at my gallery in Lancaster MA 

On Location here on Cape Ann Massachusetts is
"Folly Cove" oils on canvas 14 x 18
now exhibiting at the Rockport Art Assn.

Here are more landscape and colorful lake, streams and 
ocean New England oil paintings.


The Painting of A HOME

The Philbin Home, Lancaster MA
This painting is done on location by request 
of the owners. 34" x 18" oils on canvas.
Below I have demonstrated the stages of it.
Now taking orders for the spring of 2019!

Stage 1. and 2. 

Stage 3.

Top of course is Stage 4 of this project. It was a 
very rewarding project each step of the way.
Thanks for viewing. 
Call 508-284-0049 
if you are interested in this or any of my other 
original oil paintings. 

 Below other amazing home paintings with their own special character:

Victorian Home 
Paint your home like this one.!!!




Please go to Page 2 to see more flowery gardens in Colonial settings, Old Trucks, and more ... click on older posts right there


Hometown and nearby

This is "Hometown" Clinton Ma
I actually went to 7th and 8th grade in the Corcoran building 
in the foreground, today it is the Corcoran House.
This is across from Central Park a truly beautiful part of town. 
I am standing at the library doing this painting and the town hall is to my left. 
It is about 19 x 25" and I would like to get $2800.00 for this award winning 
recent painting. Thank you. 

The Old Timer
Recently a movie studio for a day
Our fun Irish pub is a memory today. 
This is an oil on canvas 16 x 20" and the price is $1700.00. 

You can find my email throughout this website
but I"ll give it to you again
sbahosh@hotmail.com please contact me
if interested.

 A collection of architectural paintings and a feeling of New England 
around central Massachusetts



The following are some colorful choices I've made
to bring you a cheerful point of view. This by no means
is a complete collection of my colorful choices. They may be found
too in all the categories I've shared with you on this website.

The Reading Nook. I was charmed by the colorful goings on 
in this little vignette 16 x 16" It is for sale and is available

My colorful choice collection would not be complete
without showing you a sample of some old cars I did
en plein air, that is done on location in the company of
these fine machines of yesteryear.
"A Ford of Many Colors" has a colorful history.
Someone in it's past loved it and painted it many times.
Clearly you can see it's changes as she sits here at
Car Heaven, a place to go when it's the end of the road
in Berlin Massachusetts.
It is oil on gallery wrapped canvas 20 x 20"
This painting was shown in an ad to announce a plein
air competition in Whitensville MA in 2014 in the 
Plein Air Magazine and has won an award.
It also has been exhibited at the National juried competition
Academic Artists Assn. 2014
It is available for you to purchase for your home, business or office, Thank you

"Antique in the Pines" oils on gallery wrapped canvas
just recently earned it's second win! It is for sale if interested

'Rockport Quarry" brand new Sept. 2018 oils on canvas as are 
all paintings (except those where 
I have indicated sold
on my site they it too are for sale. Thank you

"Old Farm Truck" painted on location locally. I am driven 
to paint old things, buildings, boats, etc. History, what came before us
we wouldn't have the charm today if not for history! 

                                            sold                                                    sold