Summer and nearing fall 2019, Gloucester and beyond

"Essex Marsh on Island Road oils on canvas"
15 x 30" done mostly on location with little changes it needed in the studio
This one was a challenge because I had to work thru some very aggressive flies. 
So much so that I had to pack it up the first day but I didn't give up. I returned
two other visits to complete.

"Other Worldly" oils on canvas done on location 
somewhere we pass by each day and glance. I was inspired by the history,
the story, the builders of yesteryear and the LIGHT! It is for sale and 
is 32 x 32 " plus frame which compliments it so well.

"Hopper Painted House"
oils on canvas 16 x 20"  $2500.00
Anyone following Edward Hopper and loves New England
knows that he painted many vistas here and this house
was the subject of one of them in Gloucester MA 
the one I am familiar with is the back side of this home
with a awning billowing in the wind and in the warm sunshine.
This painting was executed en plein air.

"Garden Steps" oils on canvas 20 x 24" 
This is an artist friend of mine's home, her and her husband
a long time ago bought a home and with it came an old barn 
that they took down. With that they placed each stone and boulder
together to make this stunning pathway and garden.
This painting was executed en plein air with studio 
work to complete it.

This pic reflects a day in the life of the artist.
Here there are 140 artists participating in a "paint out". We are
located in Essex MA at the Essex Ship Building Museum grounds. 
If you look to the right of the painting you can see the view I 
was constructing and after 2 hours the sound horn blew and 
we were to put our brushes down. My painting sold soon afterwards
at the reception and exhibit for the artists at the Museum. Cool Day!

"Front Beach, Rockport with a Dramatic Sky"
oils on canvas, 9 x 12 done en plein air exclusively
$750.00 NOW SHOWING AT The Charles Gallery
Gloucester MA

The Artist Garden oils on canvas 18 x 20"
This is done in my own garden.
I enjoy gardening almost as much as painting!

Fr. Thomas Nally has sat for about 5 hours in a couple of sittings
for this portrait and using reference pics as well as my initial
observations with my new friend I composed what may very 
well be a great likeness of him and his presence and Spirit!
 I tell you I have had the most marvelous time with him. 
I have been commissioned by
St. John's Catholic Church in Cllinton MA to do 2
portraits from life and I am pleased to 
let you know that the portraits will hang among about 20 
other old portraits of previous pastors of that church. 
Since 1845 this has become a tradition.

Just wanted to remind you that I do everyday folks
young ladies, graduation portraits, memorials, 
Professionals, professions such as musicians at the piano. 
You dream I'll paint it!!
children, just about anyone


New Work 2019

"Spring in the Buzz and Thrive Greenhouse"

oils on canvas 12 x 16 with silver leaf frame
This painting was challenging mostly because it was 
about 115 degrees in there, imagine me complaining
about the heat in April,  personally I love the results!

"Burst of Spring" did you ever stop in your tracks 
when seeing a glorious scene such as this? I did and
stayed for awhile while painting it. 
16 x 20" $2500.00

This is "The Wachusett Reservoir" obviously at the end of winter.
Done on location just before the thaw. 15 x 30"

"The Adventure in Ipswich Bay" oils on canvas 18 x 24"
This was winter work, I shot a picture of the Adventure during
the week of the Schooner Festival 2018. Hope to participate
this year again. 

The Old Stone Church oils on canvas 16 x 14"
I was just able to sneak this painting in before the last
meltdown in March 2019. 
It has sentimental value to me, my first husband Tom
and I were married there in 1977.

If you favor earthy colors and almost the smell
of earth you will like this painting, I am definately 
going back to paint this again.
I kinda of like it! 
It's 11 x 14  and $750.00


Horticultural Heroes Exhibit and choice portrait samples

The Sharon Jordan Bahosh entry into 
this promising "have to see" exhibit
features works by a variety of artists
of a variety of Heroes:

My entry into the exhibit is John Chapman
also known as Johnny Appleseed. I used the
only known picture of him to create this portrait
and placed him in a mature apple orchard. The 
caricature is by an unknown but genius artist
which I think makes the perfect punctuation for my presentation.

Below I would like to give you a sampling of 

some of my other portraits and I mixed in some other favorite subjects!


Time Stands Still

" Time Stands Still, The Lemuel Sawyer 1831 House"
oils on a 24 x 30" canvas
The location of this are is Packard Street in Lancaster Massachusetts
the oldest town in Worcester County est. 1653. The oldest house in Worcester
County is less than a mile from here on Neck Road. I stood out painting this scene
oh about 15 hours total. The only thing left for working in the studio was the road trying to make a simple big space interesting. So it was almost 100 % finished on location and that's the most challenging and most rewarding. It is on exhibition at Rockport Art Assn. MA


Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

Ready for exhibition are these two new works among the others that I am finishing

"The Oliver Hazard Perry Sails Boston"
oils on canvas   20 x 24"  Sold

This is one of the many vessels that I had the pleasure to see
up close and personal at the recent "Sail Boston 2017"
where about 50 tall ships and schooners sailed
by while I watched with my companions aboard the Spirit Cruise Ship
"The Odyssey" It was a grey day but I was inspired by 
the opportunity to put the harbor skyline as the 
backdrop of these magnificent and complicated ships.
Hope you will enjoy more of them as I go on to
complete the whole collection. Be patient though
it could take years with all the pictures I took.
I will also create combinations of sailing vessels
as I see fit to compose. Enjoy.

"The Europa Sails Boston"
oils on canvas 20 x 24"

From the Netherlands the Europa inspired me to create
it with the old and new buildings of Boston Harbor, 
The juxtaposition of the old and new ignites a
visual wonderment in my opinion, seeing old Boston
with the new and a ship built in the last century, so interesting!
And for me that's what I'm all about doing paintings that challenge
our imagination and appreciation of the past.
Hope you like it and look for the rest of my collection as I go along, Thank you


Fruitlands and Folly Cove and more New England landscape, streams and mountains and our coastline

Recently completed on location at a well known 
viewing spot on Prospect Hill
"Fruitlands" oils on canvas 18 x 24"
Just a scene that gives you a sensational appreciation 
for nature and for our world. That's what it is all about
can't help but paint it! Hope you can come see it in person 
at my gallery in Lancaster MA 

On Location here on Cape Ann Massachusetts is
"Folly Cove" oils on canvas 14 x 18
now exhibiting at the Rockport Art Assn.

Here are more landscape and colorful lake, streams and 
ocean New England oil paintings.