Wilder Road Barn

Fresh off the easel is
"Wilder Road Barn" 
It's likely that I will tweak it a little, the work in
plein air is challenging but rewarding and my subject
 matter says it all, I am a hopeless romantic. The spirit
of an old barn wears it's toil but also it's joy! While I
paint I wonder about it's past and behold a previous 
owner stumbled upon me and told me about happy
times! The plan for this painting is a showing at 
The Northshore Art Assn. in Gloucester opening
exhibit beginning May 6 2016. 


New from Johnny Appleseed Trail

This is Old Union Turnpike on the Lancaster Leominster Line
and I would guess that back before the highway Rt. 2 was 
built that this was the Johnny Appleseed trail running parallel with 
the aforementioned. At the top of this hill is Cove Farm and in
the foreground are pear trees and apples! Could have been that
Johnny Appleseed himself planted them! 
"Old Johnny Appleseed Trail" is oils on canvas
and is 20 x 18" Inquiries about this
or other painting can be addressed to me at 


Painted Lady

"Painted Lady"  the Victorian Era left a legacy 
which stormed the nation and today exists for our 
pleasure and appreciation and for the lucky ones who live in them.
20 x 24 
For inquiries: sbahosh@hotmail.com
Thank you


The Artists' Greats

Corresponding with the Paint out listed below I painted this painting the day before and just entered it into the "The Artists' Greats" Exhibition which opens September 3 to September 26. Please take some time to see it, I give you "MYSIS, Gloucester

Tues the 23rd of June a collaboration between the Northshore and Southshore has artists painting the towns of Rockport and Gloucester together. To find out where the artists are setting up for their masterpieces stop in at the Northhshore Art Assn., Pirates Ln Gloucester and watch while the paintings come to life! The fun begins at 11:00 am! You will see me among the artists. Thank you


Colorful Choices

"The Old Timer Pub and Restaurant"
Done in plein air that is I painted it on location in two
visits! It has been exhibited at the 65th annual 
Academic Artists Association National and at 
the Northshore Art Assn. National in 2015
and prints are available at www.fineartamerica.com

This is a painting I did en plein air last spring and it sold
at the Northshore Art Assn., 2015      SOLD

"Bass Rocks"
Done in plein air offshore Gloucester
Simply invigorating!
Being shown at the 66th Annual
Academic Artist Association National Exhibition of
Traditional Realism
May 4 thru 20, 2016 at the Arts Center East
Vernon CT

Just a little whimsy
These are two paintings above are on natural pieces of wood 
of cows in my local area when I remember the name
of the farm I'll include it. Had a good time painting these
in oils

"Beached Boats"
A plein air painting done on Martha's Vineyard
now showing at the Rockport Art Assn.
in Rockport on Cape Ann Massachusetts

"Off Season, Vineyard Haven"
done in plein air is 16 x 16 and
soon to be showing at the
Rockport Art Assn., Rockport MA

Norma's House
done in plein air, Norma found me painting her
warm colonial home in Rockport MA and 
she is now the owner of this charming painting



Lincoln Square for Benefit Auction

"Lincoln Square" oils 16 x 20 available at
The Prints and the Potter, Highland St. Worcester
Exhibit now closed
Published full color in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette

Now being shown at www.Artinthecity.org
Donated by the artist for a benefit auction Fri. May 13, 2016 at Mechanics Hall Worcester MA


Portraits from Life

"Randy" is a formal portrait done from life in about 3 sittings or more 
and about 10 hours or more in total.
There are three ways in which you may commission me to do a portrait for you. Below where I show you children are my commissioned portraits from pictures and I  explained some of my requirements in order to do one for you. 
On the other hand if you were to require one like "Randy" above of course with your formal attire if you like and a pose that is most appealing I will create a life size painting from head and shoulder to head to waist to head to toe, it's all up to you. But I will walk you through it and offer suggestions, even background which of course would be extra, each element adds to the final work and the final price. 

The third way for me to paint a portrait (below)  is the most fun, most spontaneous and most spirited.
It takes place at my studio or your home, office or if you like outside. It's a one time thing, Colorful, painterly allowing the viewer to mix the brush strokes and color patterns together to make a whole. A whole person, a day in the life if you please. Each an heirloom!

This is an example of what I began to describe above.

"Rachel" sat patiently and eagerly for her portrait
and couldn't wait for it to be finished.  Mothers know if their children are
up for this type of sitting. They have to be happy about it.
It will show if they're not. I don't mind a bit trying 
the painting of your child from life I can garner 
great details to complete it from a picture if necessary.
Give it a try, just email me and we'll work out the process
please use "portrait" in your story line Thanks the artist


The Scottsman
oils on canvas work time is just 2 hours
For more info on portraits from life
email the artist at

please enter "portrait" in the story line
Thank you

And Some from pictures


Watermelon Farm

Watermelon Farm Sunflowers

A youthful couple own the farm at watermelon rock in Hubbardston, I had a wonderful time enjoying the day and the scenes at this family farm. oils on canvas 14 x 18"

Purchase a Print!!!
Click on the link below

Art Prints


Sharon Jordan Bahosh Paints en Plein Air

Please Click on any image to see details, thank you

"Waterfall" 14 x 18"
oils on canvas
Award winning painting!
This painting in the open air was so invigorating, I was overwhelmed
with the sounds of this waterfall and excited about the movement. 
This is what it's all about! This painting is available at the Northshore Art Assn. fourth summer exhibit going on now in Gloucester. The NSAA is celebrating 90 years of fine art and the artists that have gone before us. Continuing the tradition are artists today who pack their gear and head for parts unknown. The inspiration then sparks the imagination and passion that artists have enjoyed for all time.

"Biddeford Pool" 
done on location in Biddeford ME another invigorating painting
keeping up with the tide and the feeling I was inspired by. 
The colors and mood were other inspiration. This was a weekend
that I shared with other artists as we stayed in a retreat center
and were there just to paint and interact with each other at the end of the day.
It is available for sale

"Lily Pond"
12 x 16 is a nearby location that has inspired me each
time I pass by it.  Challenging and beautiful are these lilies and I can
understand why generations of artists have recreated them.

It is available

Harbor Garden oils on linen 16 x 20"
is available, Doesn't a lovely feeling come over you
when you imagine yourself in this place. The scent of a wildflower
garden juxtaposed with the ocean air, the sun on your shoulders are
overwhelming you with a sense of wonder.
Harbor Garden framed

Sell Art Online

Vineyard Roses oils on linen 16 x 20" is for sale.
I can still sense the blush roses as fresh as the day
I painted them on location. The quintessential brick walks
can be found in quaint villages throughout New England built
long ago and still as charming

Sell Art Online

Storybook Village is 14 x 18" oils on linen and is available.
What prompted me to paint this little corner was the 
dancing shadows on the brick walk and the fence and architecture and 
the bold contrasts. The composition which the sun's light 
enhanced was just waiting for me.

"Our Lady Star of the Sea"
painted en plein air

"Blush Roses Display" oils on linen 16 x 20"
Painted on location in Edgartown Village on Martha's Vineyard
and inspired by the blush roses which you can find all over
the village and I was in the right place at the right time to
record this also charming scene when the roses are at
their peak!
It is for sale

"Harbor and Garden" oils on linen 16 x 20" is available to purchase.
The second most rewarding accomplishment is finding a home for
my work with someone who loves it, the first reward is in accomplishing
the sense of place, a successful composition and a feeling like no other!

This is a winter painting but warm none the less. "Ocean Views"
oils on linen 16 x 20" encompasses the view from some very original
cottages which are a view themselves. I was particularly enamored
with the complimentary color which played a part in making this a 
lively and inviting painting. It is available for someone's home. Enjoy!

"Edgartown Blues" is unlike any seaside village
quintessential blue hydrangea painting. There's not many flowers here but still they 
take center stage. A warm and inviting painting that I just want to 
walk up to the fence and see what's beyond. One of my favorite paintings
it is available.

"Nantucket Colors" oils on linen 16 x 20" is looking for a place
to call home with someone who loves it.
The dappled light  I enthusiastically painted on location
as with all the paintings in this collection. 
The traditional colors, the way you can meander up the street across
flagstone and brick and hear the clackity clack of vehicles on the cobblestone
nearby and you can't help but think of yesteryear when it was horse 
shoes and wagons that had been passing by. Juried into the
Rockport Art Assn. 

 "Brick Row" oils on linen done on location on Nantucket Massachusetts.
The dappled light was challenging and inspirational and the colors
of the brick made this canvas come alive with warmth, history and charm.
It is available for sale and is 16 x 20"

Photography Prints

The MOST Chosen print of mine
on www.fineartamerica.com

"Around Town, Gloucester" oils on canvas 20 x 24" is available
Charming villages grace New England whether you're by the sea
or in a small town. The character is from one generation
to another sprucing up and making it new and exciting!

"Dockside Whimsy"
I just thought I'd toss this painting into this section
of my portfolio because it makes me smile.
I did it in the winter in Oak Bluffs MA
and I learned that this particular boat had many lives, once it was a sailing vessel,
here it is a combination, kind of like the house that Jack built.
I get a kick out of imagining the characters who have sailed it and
repurposed it over time.

Let me introduce you below to my latest series 

this a sampler of how 
the collection is coming about

"Old Farm Truck"
now being shown at Arts of Tolland 
Tolland CT

"A Ford of Many Colors" two time award winning painting 20 x 20"
(on gallery wrapped canvas) and included
in the Sept 2013 issue of Plein Air magazine...
is looking for a guy's room, or a den, a burger joint or a contemporary, transitional
couple's living room.  You have to appreciate that these old 
cars will never come this way again. They were classic when made, 
and characteristic of a new wave of transportation. They have
romanticized a simpler time. 

"Antique in the Pines" oils on 24 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas is an award
winning painting at the  Northshore Art Assn. in Gloucester now in it's 91st year.
Today it is a national association. I found this old International 
in Berlin MA which inspired the collection's nickname, 
Car Heaven which is really a business with really cool cars at it. 

"1927 Custom International" oils on canvas 20 x 20" 
is looking for an appreciator. This remained my favorite new
painting until I did the next one and the next one of these old cars.

"Hound Dog Dodge" has got to be my favorite of my old car series
because she reminds me of my old basset beagle that lived for 18 years.
The nose up in the air got me immediately when I found her in the woods.
If she finds a home with you it will be bittersweet but that's why I paint
for myself first and ultimately for you. This painting was juried into 
last spring's Academic Artist Exhibition a national venue.

"Pals" has been shown only once, juried into the opening of the 90th
year exhibition at Gloucester. It is 18 x 24" and for sale. Kind of whimsical
don't you think? Each of the collection of old cars have only been
around a short while so they haven't been introduced to their new owners. 

A newcomer to the group is to be seen soon.

Boats are what inspired my love for painting character and which lead
me to begin painting the car collection you previously saw, I painted this view
on location in two mornings! Yep with all the rigging and complications.
I am so pleased with it and it is for sale. It is the "Amastat" a replica that 
the crew teaches young people each summer the art of sailing.
Interesting note is that the bible from the "Amastat" was 
used by our MA governor to swear into office in 2008.

The Kalmarnycle is another Vineyard visitor which replicates it's original.
The painting is 21 x 16 with a customized frame since it is not 
standard and it is for sale. I did this indeed on location in
just two mornings!

"The Drying of the Nets" in Menemsha Martha's Vineyard
is 16 x 20 and available. I still smell the fried clams in the air
when I painted this a suppertime. But I pressed on. 
If you've ever been to Menemsha it is a casual gem on the northwestern
part of the island. At sunset the visitors to the ocean, some with wine
and some with their to go dinner applaud the sunset!

I have a sister painting to this one that I will reveal soon.

"Menemsha Harbor" oils on 20 x 24 linen
is available to a great home, to someone who enjoys the scents
and the anticipation of summer opening up.
Done on location early in the season.

The  "End of the Line" speaks to me about the Spirit of the Sea
and I imagine the journeys and the ups and downs these seafaring 
vessels have made. It is 20 x 24" and is for sale. 
Of interest is that the title says more than it appears. The Quitsa Strider II 
has taken it's last fishing trip. Notice how the hull has been chopped, that's 
so to be in conformity to laws and laws are why our New England fishermen
are having to drop out of their generational careers.

"Gloucester Boatyard" oils on canvas 11 x 14" is for sale
I did this at the end of the day on the last day of August. It was the second 
painting that day, the first being a very very hot day was a little labored, this
on the other hand was fun and fantastic!

I like my paintings to have meaning and perhaps history, this one is 
for "Two Friends" is history, it was being dismantled this day and the next
Upon returning to complete it there was evidence of a fire which
caught on since they had been using a torch, I still managed to finish
this painting en plein air and it is available. It is custom framed since
 it is not standard I'm guessing about 28 x 12"

"Marine Basin" oils on board is an Emile A Gruppe Memorial Award winning 
Painting, property of the artist.

Edmund's Island, Mystic CT is a moody
moving day at the coast. Loved every minute of painting it
and it is available. 18 x 24"

"Wonson Cove" 12 x 16
oils on canvas for sale at $1000.00

"Nantucket Sound" This view can be found on the banks of 
Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts.
I lovingly displayed the interesting
landslide leading to the sea.
16 x 20"
oils on linen
is for sale

Nantucket Sound Framed

"Squibnocket" is on the SW part of the island of Martha's Vineyard
and is only approachable after six in the pm unless you live in W. Tisbury
on the island, my residence was in Oak Bluffs for 8 years.
Miss you island! This painting is 11 x 14 and is for sale

Jones Salt Marsh in Gloucester is 15 x 30" and is for sale. Done on a late September Day
on Cape Ann, I was intrigued by the marsh and the color display. I purposely painted at late day to
incorporate drama in my painting.

framed "Jones Salt Marsh'

"Princeton Village" oils on linen 18 x 24

Spring Melt is 12 x 24 oils and is for sale below is the presentation
of it in frame format. The colors and shadows and juxtaposition
of the ice and melting reflections on the water make this
an interesting, challenging and rewarding to paint
en plein air.

"Acadia National Park" is an awe inspiring place and I did
this painting there in about 3 hours. It is 12 x 16" and is for sale.

A cute little "mini" (for me) painting is 16 x 16"
and it depicts a secluded corner in an otherwise busy Vineyard
Haven downtown near the harbor. "Riley Reads or "Readers Niche"
is for sale, Thank you for looking.
To get a price on anything you like, please
don't hesitate to email me and just put
painting on title line so I'll know at
sbahosh@hotmail.com Thanks again. The Artist

Last but not least is this 20 x 24 painting on linen done on location
"Edgartown Harbor" was painted in three visits to capture the
sights the sounds and feeling of a great bright summer day.
An award winning painting at the 2014 opening reception at NSAA, Thank you

me painting en plein air and holding my canvas while
the street's building created a wind tunnel near sunset.