Thanks Hartwell, Orr's Island and Baily Island

It was really great painting on the island recently, you folks love your land and generously gave of your time to tell us all about it! Thank you Here are a couple of paintings that are finished. I have one more of Land's End to post tomorrow. Thanks again Sharon Jordan Bahosh

On the Hartwell/Orr's Island Line

This view had me stopping in my tracks to get out and paint it. 
There were a few boats floating around beyond the view, I chose to 
capture the essence of the day and the bright light on the sand.
The giant fir trees at the salt water's edge intrigues me as well.
It is 14 x 18 " and for sale at  $700.00

This cove is located on Orr's Island Me

My friend Bob and I went out to paint first thing in the 
morning and we agreed this was a stunning view. So inspired 
by the light on the dark wet rocks where it had been high tide
but I think I got the best of it as the tide went out. 
It is 16 x 16 " oils on canvas and the price is $2000.00
You may reach me at sbahosh@hotmail.com Thank you

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