Summer 2019, Gloucester and beyond

"Hopper Painted House"
oils on canvas 16 x 20"  $2500.00
Anyone following Edward Hopper and loves New England
knows that he painted many vistas here and this house
was the subject of one of them in Gloucester MA 
the one I am familiar with is the back side of this home
with a awning billowing in the wind and in the warm sunshine.
This painting was executed en plein air.

"Garden Steps" oils on canvas 20 x 24" 
This is an artist friend of mine's home, her and her husband
a long time ago bought a home and with it came an old barn 
that they took down. With that they placed each stone and boulder
together to make this stunning pathway and garden.
This painting was executed en plein air with studio 
work to complete

"Front Beach, Rockport with a Dramatic Sky"
oils on canvas, 9 x 12 done en plein air exclusively

The Artist Garden oils on canvas 18 z 20"
Not yet priced. This is done in my own garden.
I enjoy gardening almost as much as painting!

Fr. Thomas Nally has sat for about 5 hours in a couple of sittings
for this portrait
It is not quite there. But I tell you I have had the most 
marvelous time with him. I have been commissioned by
St. John's Catholic Church in Cllinton MA to do 2
portraits from life and I am pleased to 
let you know that the portraits will hang among about 20 
other old portraits of previous pastors of that church. 
Since 1845 this has become a tradition.

Just wanted to remind you that I do everyday folks
young ladies, graduation portraits, memorials, 
Professionals, professions such as musicians at the piano. 
You dream I'll paint it!!
children, just about anyone

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