Hometown and nearby

"The Conservatory"
I painted this on location and rejoiced as I heard
the pleasant sound of music and the children going 
to and fro to have their music lessons. From what I heard 
they could be teachers, each one so serious and 
in love with their chosen courses in music

It is 14 x 18" oils on canvas
and is $900.00

This is "Hometown" Clinton Ma
I actually went to 7th and 8th grade in the Corcoran building 
in the foreground, today it is the Corcoran House.
This is across from Central Park a truly beautiful part of town. 
I am standing at the library doing this painting and the town hall is to my left. 
It is about 19 x 25" and I would like to get $2800.00 for this award winning 
recent painting. Thank you. 

The Old Timer
Recently a movie studio for a day
Our fun Irish pub is a memory today. 
This is an oil on canvas 16 x 20" and the price is $1700.00. 

You can find my email throughout this website
but I"ll give it to you again
sbahosh@hotmail.com please contact me
if interested.

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