Boulder Business

"Boulder Business" is 18 x 24" painted on location in the lovely park
in Fitchburg MA last week, while I painted their was a band
at the gazebo and even I was introduced 
I enjoyed painting this lovely scene.
The Boulder Gallery which represents me and where this
painting is scheduled to go is the building at left.
Below is a picture taken by the lovely

"Around Town, Gloucester"
oils on canvas 20 x 24"
is another painting done en plein air of the downtown area.
I thrive on keeping up with the dancing shadows and chose this
 view for it's charm, color and variation. When completing paintings such as
these it's a wow moment of accomplishment.
This is for sale and is available at my own gallery
not yet completed and soon to be called 
Fine Art Gallery
and Portrait Studio
Lancaster MA

Update Wonson Cove is my latest award winner at the Northshore Art Assn. in Gloucester

Awards Reception August 28

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