Colorful Choices

This is a painting I did en plein air last spring and it sold
at the Northshore Art Assn., 2015      SOLD

"Bass Rocks"
Done in plein air offshore Gloucester
Simply invigorating!
Being shown at the 66th Annual
Academic Artist Association National Exhibition of
Traditional Realism
May 4 thru 20, 2016 at the Arts Center East
Vernon CT now closed,
This painting has also been shown at the NSAA in Gloucester
and Rockport Art Assn. in Rockport MA

This is a barn owned by an Irish fellow located I think in the
Templeton area or outskirts of Gardner.
I was enamored by the view by the bright red doors
and the old truck caught my attention.
I like to record the Main Streets and Backroads of New England
This is for sale and very soon will be
exhibited at my new Gallery. Stand by for that announcement!
Thank you for choosing to view my work

"Sunflowers at Watermelon Farm" just had to fill in as a favorite of mine
since "Vineyard Roses" was just sold at the Boulder Gallery in Fitchburg MA
It is 14 x 18 and is for sale Thank you

The Reading Nook. I was charmed by the colorful goings on 
in this little vignette 16 x 16" It is for sale and is available

My colorful choice collection would not be complete
without showing you a sample of some old cars I did
en plein air, that is done on location in the company of
these fine machines of yesteryear.
"A Ford of Many Colors" has a colorful history.
Someone in it's past loved it and painted it many times.
Clearly you can see it's changes as she sits here at
Car Heaven, a place to go when it's the end of the road
in Berlin Massachusetts.
It is oil on gallery wrapped canvas 20 x 20"
This painting was shown in an ad to announce a plein
air competition in Whitensville MA in 2014 in the 
Plein Air Magazine and has won an award.
It also has been exhibited at the National juried competition
Academic Artists Assn. 2014
It is available for you to purchase for your home, business or office, Thank you

Monadnock Vista
18 x 24"
I was hoping to exhibit for you the range I have in painting. This painting
is a less complicated more serene example of that.
It was done on location and is available for purchase
Sometime very soon I will be announcing a new gallery and 
will be glad to show you each one of these in person. Hoping you 
will look forward to that as much as I do. Thank you

"The Bell Tower at the Pines Cathedral"
oils on canvas done on location on a foggy day
19 x 23 approx will soon be on view at the 
Boulder Gallery 
This was seemingly an overcast day but it was just
the fog coming off Mt. Monadnock which was behind me
I was inspired by it having a chance to do an 
atmosphere of another color

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